Цезар Нава и нов волонтер од Мировен Корпус кој ке работи во наредните 2 години во ИНФО СЕГА Кавадарци. Прочитајте повеќе за него и неговите први импресии од Македонија и Кавадарци.



My name is Cesar, I am 25 yrs old, and I am a peace corps volunteer. My parents are originally from Mexico, but I was born in sunny San Diego, California. America is a multi-ethnic diverse melting pot, and I represent a small fraction of it. I speak both English and Spanish and hope to become fluent in Macedonian.


I have my Associates in Liberal Arts and My Bachelors in Social work. All of my backgrounds are working with youth & Non-Government organizations. My last internship was with Chula Vista Elementary school district as a social work intern. I have also volunteered with organizations that provide assistance to homeless families. I have also volunteered for Gender and Equality organizations which provide assistance to young men and women.


I could never in a million years guess life would bring me here to Macedonia. But I am delighted it has. Macedonia is amazing and убава. The people are warm and friendly. The food is fantastic. I love spicy ajvar, sarma, and gravche! I am currently living with a host family, and they are beyond incredible. My host mom is an amazing cook, and my host dad is amazing at making and drinking rakija. I don’t drink alcohol, but I have tasted rakija and all I can say is “ lele”.  I have not had the chance to explore all of Macedonia, but I hope during my stay here I will be able to visit most cities.


Currently, I live in Kavadarci, and hope to live here for the next two years! I love Kavadarci. It is a small city, but I believe it has everything you need. I especially love the fact that it has a movie theater because I love watching new movies.


I work for two youth organizations, here in Kavadarci, and I love them. I have only been with INFO SEGA for about a month, and I love everything about it. I love how I have the opportunity to meet volunteers from EVS and work alongside Elena and Aneta. I have felt kindness, and support from them both, and as a new volunteer that is all I can ever hope for.  I thank them both, and I look forward to working with them for the next 2 years.


Overall I feel humble, blessed and grateful to God for this amazing opportunity. I miss my mom, dad, and younger brother. But I will see them soon J

Con mucho cariño, Adios.

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