On May 4, 2017 from 10:00 am in the offices of INFO SEGA an official meeting was held with a representative of the Local Government Prilep, two representatives of the Council of Youth and representatives of SEGA.


The meeting was initiated by SEGA for the project "Prilep youth voice in e-participation" where were presented the objectives of the project and activities also was established agreement for cooperation between SEGA, LSG Prilep and Youth advisory body in Prilep. The project aims to increase youth e-participation in decision-making processes in Prilep using OPIN software for e-participation. Youth will have the opportunity to present their ideas to encourage initiatives that will later be submitted for consideration to the Youth advisory body and Local Self-Government Prilep.

Coalition of youth organizations SEGA from 1st April 2017 implemented the project "Prilep Youth voice in E-participation" aimed for raising awareness of the importance of e-participation of youth.

The project envisages a series of activities, promotional events, educational workshops for youth in Prilep and various tools to encourage youth e-participation.


Project "Prilep Youth voice in E-participation" is supported OPIN platform through the program "EUth - Tools and Tips for Mobile and Digital Youth Participation in and across Europe".

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