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Today we have just started making presentations with the content of the project named as ‘Information Access for Youth’ in order to promote Erasmus+, Youth Exchange and mainly EVS opportunities. As some of you might know, EVS is an international volunteering program funded by European Commission.

All young people aged between 18 and 30 can join an EVS project throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. As a volunteer, you are reimbursed of all travel expenses, visa cost, all coverage of cost of food and accommodation.

In order to present Erasmus+, Youth Exchange and EVS program and inform the youth about these opportunities, we, that are volunteers from both Coalition of Youth Organizations and Info Sega, were in one of the high schools in Prilep called SOU Mirce Acev with our EVS coordinator. There were around 45 senior students taking part in the presentation. They all were provided by some flyers on which they could find information about the youth organization, how to contact to us and receive support from us if they were interested in applying for the opportunities.

We started the presentation with the introduction of the youth organization. The presentation was continued with the promotion of EVS program including the following topics like what EVS was, in which kind of areas you could apply for, what the advantages of doing EVS were and why you would have joined an EVS project.

Shortly, EVS is an unique opportunity that you can find many projects related to youth, social challenges, heritage, physical education and sport, disaster prevention and recovery, environmental protection, creativity and culture, entrepreneurship, citizenship and democratic participation and reception and integration of refugees and immigrants. Moreover, you can experience living in abroad while gaining new skills and abilities. It is because of that EVS is also intercultural, you can learn about new cultures and make many new friends from that new atmosphere. It is quite useful for your personal and professional growth. What is more, after you finish your volunteering service, you will be awarded by a certificate called Youthpass, which shows your learning and development of your skills during your service that you have got, and might help you with your future job applications.

To conclude, EVS is a great chance for young people to find out who they are and what they really want to do in their life. Therefore, you should start from today. Take an action and discover yourself!


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