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Yesterday, Turkish class started in new place of Info Sega at 12 o’clock. At the beginning of the class, I asked to the students why they want to learn Turkish. The answers made me really happy. They said they liked Turkey a lot. They watched Turkish TV series and known about Turkey too much. Moreover, they said Turkish language was very nice and sounded good.


The students were quite interested in learning Turkish. Besides, they had already known some Turkish words. Because of that yesterday was our first class. It was more likely introduction to Turkish. The students learned about some basics in Turkish. For example, how to meet in Turkish, how to greet people and how to introduce yourself to someone. During the class, by asking questions to the students, I tried to make the class more interactive.  At the end of the class, we practiced all together what we had learned in the class. Each of the students got a pair to practice the new phrases. All in all, yesterday’s class was pretty fun. I enjoyed teaching a lot.

For the next classes, I am planning to teach the grammar and the vocabulary in more detailed. Because, my aim in this class is to provide the students with effectively use of Turkish in their daily life and to be able to talk about some basic topics in Turkish. Of course, like every language, Turkish also has many grammatically differences and difficulties. However, the main point here is to try to understand it according to your need and how you want to use it.

We will be continuing with the class without any pauses. They will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 11 to 1 am. Come and join us, experience a different culture by learning the language and gain a new perspective!



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