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The Coalition of youth organizations SEGA is a youth organization that works on improvement and implementation of youth policies in Macedonia.

The organization actively carries the work at the local, regional and national level. The main objective of the organization is promotion and execution of activities for youth, which provide them necessary opportunities like education, empowerment and decision-making. For this purpose, SEGA aims to enhance young people’s overall state.

In 2010, Coalition of youth organizations SEGA opened the first Youth INFO Center in Prilep. INFO SEGA is established in order to inform young people about the activities and the opportunities like Erasmus plus and EVS programmеs.

Last Saturday, on the purpose of promotion of Info Sega and the activities being implemented, INFO DAY took place around the Clock Tower in the center of Prilep. We had also some guests from the Youth INFO Center in Kavadarci.  During the event, all preparations and activities were recorded. The event started with the kids coming. Because of that, there were many participants of the event; the kids were divided into two groups. While the kids in the first group were joining in our energizers with our volunteers, the second group began with making their spinners by colouring them. At the same time, some of the volunteers and the staff were informing the people about the organization and the activities at our stand.  After 40 minutes, the first group and the second group changed the places. The second group continued with playing games, while the first group started drawing and coloring activities. Besides, the kids who were done with their activities had fun with some board games such as Liar Liar, Monopoly, Uno. At the end of the event, the kids, the volunteers and the staff of Info Sega and Coalition of Sega had picture taken all together in the memory of this event.

The event was very nice and enjoyable. Besides, it was quite useful for information of youth and presentation of Info Sega. It was well organized in all aspects. We want to thank you to everyone who takes part in this event especially to the pharmaceutical company named Alkaloid AD Skopje for the donation of drawing blocks for the kids.

Wishing to meet in next events!





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