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Здрaво на сите,

Since the beginning of my project in January, I have the opportunity to help some teachers in the schools in Prilep during their French lessons, and few weeks ago, I had my own lessons as a teacher at Info Sega.


Having the opportunity to teach French to students here makes me very happy. It helps me to have a better knowledge of my own language and to master it. It is also very good for me to learn how to teach, because I want to be a language teacher and my next aim is to enroll at a faculty of philology in my country. It is a very rewarding thing to get information on the subject how to prepare a lesson and it is also the best way to learn it.

For me, it is very interesting how my vision of my own language has changed since I’ve started to know it better. We all think that we are mastering our own language, but it is false most of the time, and we don’t really understand its specificities.

Generally, the students are very interested and curious and the lessons are very productive and chill. I also have been surprised to see how many students have a very good knowledge of French, and I met a lot of people who speak French better than me speaking English as a foreign language.

Macedonian teenagers are very interested in travelling, and they generally have a better knowledge about the other European countries than the French ones. They all feel the need to travel, and they often speak to me about France, Germany or Switzerland.

The French lessons, at school or at Info Sega, are for me very good moments and I enjoy them a lot. I am glad that my project gave me the opportunity to teach and I am sure that this experience will be very useful for me in the future.

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