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Здраво на сите,

This Thursday, on 8th February, I had the opportunity to assist Hristina Shishkoska, a French teacher, during her French lessons in the elementary school in Dupjachani, Prilep.

The schools in Macedonia are quite different than those in France. In this school, the classes are mixed, and many students who are different age and classes are working in one class. Apparently it is not something very rare in villages here due to the lack of students, so the teachers have to adapt the lessons for all the grades.

I helped in two lessons of French, one about traveling and the preposition “à” and “chez”. The other lesson was about the professions in French. I even had the opportunity to help another teacher during her English lesson.

The lessons went well and it’s been a very interesting experience for me, the students have been very cool with me and very attentive.


Written by: Paul Knecht  - Deyber

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