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On 30th October, at the high school SOU Orde Chopela, all the Italian Volunteers from EVS were involved in a presentation about entrepreneurship. It has been a very interesting experience and we hope useful for young students.



Indeed, the main goal of our presentation was to give to the students ideas about the concept of entrepreneurship and concrete examples in order to start a business and remove the obstacles that could make difficult starting a business.

The first part of our presentation was about the concept of entrepreneurship and we talked about Thales of Miletus, the first philosopher who has been also an entrepreneur: the example of Thales showed to students the qualities of the entrepreneur: Be creative, Risk-Taking and technical competences.

The second part of our presentation was about several difficulties that young people can face in the start-up phase of a business; we were talking about crowd-funding and some governmental and European supports in order to achieve skills and experience, fundamental topics for young people who want to try to be competitive in the global market.

At the end, we have given to students a survey which results could be very interesting to understand the will, the desire and the fears of young people towards the world of entrepreneurship.


Roberto Cascio - Andrea Dau

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