Magical Binoculars


Today, we made a workshop that can improve children’s imagination and motivation about their future.



The workshop usually was in a game atmosphere. In the beginning of workshop, we played a game to know each other more. They had both fun and develop the communication with each other. Thus, the ground prepared for the main goal.


I mentioned them about a “magical binoculars”. They could see their future if they could use it right. They were really excited and eager to wait their own turn.


All of the participants made their hands like binoculars and started to read their future. Then they wrote them into stickers and pasted on "secret window". Thus, we have created a tree all together.


I believe that the participants have gained a lot of skills. To think about their own future gave them an opportunity to better known themselves. They have gained self-confidence by sharing with their friends. Also they have learned that how to be a member of a group by create a tree all together. Now, they are ready for pass through that “secret window”.

More pictures from the workshop you can see HERE


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