On Monday, 19th of June 2017, I organized a Turkey presentation activity with around 25 children.

Before the presentation, I was a little excited because it was first event that I organized in INFO SEGA Kavadarci. I wanted to attract the interest of the children with my presentation. In this way they could learn about a new country and culture.

            We listened some Turkish songs and relieved before the start of presentation. Meanwhile we played a game to know each other more. I gave papers to children and I wanted from them to write everything they know about Turkey. They were separated to groups and had fun while doing it. After they finished writing, each group introduced their work in turn. They knew a lot of things about Turkey and this situation has motivated me more.

            After this game, I started with the presentation. I told them some basic facts about Turkey and explained the interesting details about our culture. They really liked some videos that I showed them.

            We played another game on the Turkey map which we prepared, while introducing cities of Turkey.            I was very happy to see how enthusiastic they were to join this game. They wanted me to arrange some other workshops.

            In the end of the activity, we prepared colorful letters and formed a sentence: “MERHABA TÜRKİYE, SENi SEViYORUZ! (HELLO TURKEY, WE LOVE YOU!)

More pictures from the workshop you can see HERE.


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