During the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of June, the Cinema Mis Ston of Prilep welcomed un french event, especially for the francophonia promotion and the franco-macedonia cinematographic exchange. In fact, Baptiste and me who are french volonteers, had the wish to organise a French Cinema Festival by projecting three famous movies : « Jappeloup », « Tchao Pantin » and « Respire ». All of them were applaud in France and abroad by critics, having received prices and awards in Festival of Cannes and the prestigious Cesars Ceremony.



Our main goal was to bring a part of our culture in Prilep, to provoke some emotions to spectators. I think that our whish was fulfilled. Our event knew a litlle succes thanks to the promotion operated more than one week ago. So, aroud 100 spectators came during the three nights. It was an hetergonene public, with a larg part of young students from differents schools ; but also some interessed local persons who go out very happy. We realy appreciated the impressions on each movie. Some of them were even affected. Our movie’s choices proposed different themes and intentions. We think that each movie, because of their different style ; sparked few great differents emotions.


Baptiste and me want to thank the Association Info SEGA, the mediatheque of Macedonia, the Cinema of Prilep and the French Institute of Skopje which graciously lend us the movies for this special occasion.


This Festival was a way for us to transmit tour love for the cinema and maybe we succeeded to comit the spectators on the influence that can have a simple movie in our lives and for ourselves.





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