This week, I’m going to teach how to make some Sicilian style pesto.





·         70g pine nuts;

·         3 tomatoes;

·         ½ chilli pepper;

·         100g Parmesan;

·         70g Ricotta (or Urda if you can’t get Ricotta);

·         A hand full of fresh basil;

·         Sea salt;

·         Black pepper;

·         Olive oil.



Cut the tomatoes in half and remove their centers and seeds with a spoon. Lightly wash the basil. Mince the chili and the tomatoes. Put a little base of olive oil in the mortar and gradually add the pine nuts, tomatoes, chili and basil. Use the pestle on the contents of the mortar and add some salt and pepper to your liking.



Add the ricotta and grate the parmesan on top of the mortar. Add some olive oil and use the pestle on the contents.


Keep using the pestle until the pesto has reached a good consistency. If you don’t plan on using the pesto immediately in some pasta, it holds up very well in the freezer if you put it a jar with some olive oil on top of the pesto.

Tomas R.




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