This week, I’m going to teach you how to prepare some nice meatballs to go with spaghetti and homemade tomato sauce. In this recipe I have cooked the meatballs in the oven, separate from the tomato sauce, but, if you have a big enough pan for both the meatballs and the tomato sauce, you should consider cooking the meatballs with the sauce.



·         1kg mincemeat;

·         100g ricotta (or, alternatively, 200g urda);

·         2 onions;

·         6 cloves of garlic;

·         6 tomatoes;

·         1 chili;

·         2 eggs;

·         Parsley;

·         Oregano;

·         Sea salt;

·         Black pepper;

·         Olive oil.



Chop the onions, garlic and chili into very small pieces. Put the mince meat in a bowl and add the chili and half of the onions. Put some olive oil in a pan for the sauce at a medium heat. Mix the chilli and onion into the mince meat.

As the oil gets hot, add the garlic and the remaining onion. Let them simmer for a bit until they start changing colour. Liquefy the tomatoes and add them to the pan. Leave them at medium heat for about 20m, while occasionally stirring.

Add the yolks from the eggs to the meat, and mix it in order to distribute it. Afterwards add some salt and black pepper. Make the meat into the meatballs and then put them in the oven at 200ºC.

 Season the sauce with the parsley, oregano, pepper and salt, and add the ricotta. Leave the sauce in a medium heat for about 30m, while occasionally stirring.


By the time the sauce is ready, so should the meatballs.


Tomas R.


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