This week, we’re going to cook lasagna. Lasagna should always be made with Ricotta, but, as that can be hard to get in Southeastern Europe,  we’ll use some Urda.


250g Parmesan cheese;

·         250g Ricotta cheese or 500g Urda cheese;

·         5 Mozzarella balls;

·         7 common mushrooms;

·         7 tomatoes;

·         500g of canned peeled tomatoes;

·         5 cloves of garlic;

·         1 onion;

·         1Kg of mincemeat;

·         12 pre-cooked lasagna noodles;

·         Oregano;

·         Black pepper;

·         Olive oil;

·         Salt.

·         2 eggs [optional]


Liquefy the tomatoes and put them in a pot with medium heat. Chop the mushrooms, onio and garlic and add them to the tomatoes after about 10m.

After some 20 more minutes of having the sauce under the medium heat, and occasionally stirring, put some olive oil in a pan under medium heat and add the mincemeat when it is hot enough. When the tomato sauce is close to done, add the canned tomatoes.

When you feel the sauce is done and the meat is close to cooked, mix the two in the pot. Leave them with medium heat for about 20m, while occasionally stirring.

Afterwards, put some olive oil in a tray and spread around half of the meat and tomato sauce into it. Then put a layer of lasagna noodles. On top of this layer put around 1/3 of the Urda and the Mozzarella, a little bit of Parmesan, and 1/3 of the meat and tomato sauce that you have left. Repeat this process one more time, and then put yet another layer of noodles and on top of it put the remaining Urda, Mozzarella, Parmesan, and meat and tomato sauce.



Put it in the oven under 200ºC for about 40m and it should be done.

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