Near the North of Varosh in Prilep, there are a series of passages in between the rocks that can make for a good mix of bouldering, caving and mountain hiking.


Right in the beginning of the hill you will find a series of passages that are commonly referred to as “Fox Passage” (or “Fox Cave”), due to how tight and narrow the passage is. This passage might not be the best if you don’t want to get dirty, scratched by the rocks, or have some claustrophobia.

Going further up there will be some makeshift hiking trails you can take. Be sure to wear pants and hiking boots though as you will be climbing rocks. As you go further up, you will other small caves.


If you go to the top, you can make your way to Markovi Kuli’s hill and thus go through a normal dirt road on the way down so as to relax after the hike.

The map to go there:


Tomas R. 


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