If you’re in Prilep and have some time to spare, you should head to Prilep Lake.


Prilep Lake (Прилепско Езеро) is located about 7km from the centre of Prilep at a 12 minute drive or a 2h walk. The lake was built in 1967 with the construction of a damn, in order to provide drinking water and water for irrigation.

The lake can provide a good place for a relaxing afternoon in the sun. There is plenty of space to hang out and relax, thought the Northeast margin might not be advisable as it is slightly swamp-like with a great deal of humidity and insects. 

On the weekend and some special holidays you will see many locals around the lake having a picnic, playing music, and drinking. During the week you might see a couple of people, but, for the most part, there are only fisherman around the edges of the lake.

There are some sandy areas around the lake, but the sand isn’t very good/clean so you are probably better of just laying down on the grass. Unfortunately, the water is too polluted to swim in. There are some that will swim in Prilep Lake, but I would not recommend it. 

The lake has submerged the village of Peshterica. Peshterica was from the transition from the Early to the Middle Neolithics, the discovery of earthy houses and earthenware confirmed that the village was the oldest Neolithic settlement ever found in the country.

Tomas R.


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