In the video above the French tourists say that Macedonia is rich in culture and heritage. It also exits a nice diversity of wine and food. One of the women said that she wasn’t expecting such a mountainous country and snow-covered hills. She loves hidden Monasteries and intense blue lakes, the little churches, the very welcoming population. They all were surprised by the quality of the wine, mainly the Rosé and the white one.



Ohrid was a good surprise for Jana Mulholland, the lake’s surroundings, the little churches, the old town. It was really something she wasn’t expecting at all. She advises all the French to go to Macedonia. “When we think about the Balkans, we have an image of an austere and closed region while Macedonians just want one thing, to meet you”. 

According to all those Tourists, Macedonia is a place to go. It’s a cultural, patrimonial place. You will meet nice people, see beautiful landscapes, and enjoy the pleasure of food and drinks. For sure they will send their clients to Macedonia, the country of the diversity.

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