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During these months of my stay in Macedonia I wasn’t able to know a lot about your culture, so I decided to dedicate this article on Toše Proeski.

As Macedonian legend, Toše was singing in many languages like Macedonia, Serbian, Slovenian, Italian and English.

To be honest, I first heard about him through a duet with Gianna Nannini, in the song named “Aria”. I founded that song as one authentic masterpiece.

After that, I wanted to hear more of his songs, and it didn’t bother  me to hear the songs even on Macedonian language.I wanted to know more about this great artist.

I was very sad when I found out that he died very young in a car accident, at the age of 26. I will bring him with me in Italy, and i’ll ensure that more people know him and his story,  because “no one dies until he lives in the heart of those who remain”, and he deserve to be remembered forever.

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