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I went to Skopje this weekend by train. On the third Friday and Saturday of every month, we learned that we could make a free trip with the Macedonian Identity.

I was so lucky as always. J It was my first train experience in North Macedonia. According to my point of view, this situation was very good. At the same time, the long road helps me listen to myself. I've read books along the way so much time and listened to music.

Probably my best weekend can be in Skopje because this city fascinated me with its streets, buildings and sculptures. Firstly, I wanted to tour the city and took a lot of photos in Stone bridge and other bridges. We were so hungry because of 3 hours traveling with my friend. We just wanted to go eating something, so we went to Turkish Bazaar. I felt like I am in Turkey there. I tried kind of one famous meat in the restaurant. Everybody was speaking or understanding Turkish and I was so surprised. Actually I knew there are living a lot of Turkish people in Skopje. But nevertheless this experience was so good for me.

After eating our meal 'Kaymaçina' dessert, we went to another place to eat. We went to Central Park Skopje in the city center and after the dessert we tried Turkish tea. This park looked so big and beautiful to us. They set up a few concert area and celebrated a festival. We took our drinks and wandered around in the park. However, because the weather was very cold we could not stay too long.


We stayed at a Polish volunteer girl’s home in Skopje. She hosted us very well and prepared perfect breakfast on Sunday for us. On Sunday, she told us that it was Easter in her country and she was separated from her family for the first time for celebrating the holiday. We did our Easter breakfast and then we told her that we wanted to go to the church with her. She was very happy to hear this and first of all we decided to take a walk on the mountain and then we went to the Catholic Church.

After breakfast we started to walk towards the mountain. We passed through challenging roads and finally found a beautiful place to relax. Then we watched the view and spent time. Skopje was under our feet and it looked really good. When we are together with the other EVS volunteers we talk each other about projects process. With this way I can learn different things from their experiences. We talked about these issues while do hiking and watching the landscape.

In meanwhile, I started my first Turkish language class and I was so excited. Because this is my native language and I am not a graduate Turkish teacher. But yet, this experience was so special for me. Because my students are so good and they really want to learn Turkish. But I have learned this; it is so nice to teach people something in life and touch their lives. Also, I am so lucky because they knew basic words in Turkish and our lessons were so fun. I teach them while I am teaching myself too, and I like this situation very much. On the other hand, our Macedonian lessons are continuing quickly. Next week is Easter in North Macedonia and because of that I will have a holiday and I will share my new experience with you.          

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