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Notre-Dame de Paris, is a building more than 100 meters long.


The huge oak frame, 13 metres wide and 10 metres high, completed at the beginning of the 13th century, some of whose elements dated back to the 8th century, was completely destroyed by smoke, as was almost all of the huge lead roof.  Indeed, on the evening of April 15, the arrow is a symbol, collapsed shortly before 8 p.m. under the influence of the flames fuelled by a strong wind. Perched 93 metres high, it could not be easily reached by firefighters' water hoses.

If the flames ravaged part of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral on Monday, April 15, many artistic treasures could be saved from the fires. The "forest" is the nickname given to the cathedral's oak frame, an eight-century jewel of medieval architecture that was not visible to visitors.

This huge structure, installed around 1220, was composed of a tangle of beams, each from a different tree. No less than 21 hectares of forest were required for construction. While some of the spire beams had been replaced during renovations in the mid-19th century, other 13th century beams were still in place. The "forest" was completely devoured by the flames during the fire as well as part of the northern part of the building.

The next day, Tuesday morning, the 16th, it was of course still too early to fully assess the extent of the damage. The stone structures, reinforced by steel, certainly suffered because of the intensity of the inferno, whose temperature would have risen to over 800 degrees. Not to mention the harmful effects of the large quantities of water that can degrade the many treasures contained in the cathedral.

We still know little about the origin of the gigantic fireafter several hours of investigation, we know that it was an accident and not ciminal. The investigations could be extremely long and delicate because the origin of the fire in the attic has been completely destroyed.

Despite the emotion and shock of this event. A huge wave of solidarity followed this tragic incident. Many sent a message of hope, like a new page in history being written right now. There are many generous donors, whether they are "ordinary citizens" or even large groups. More than half a billion euros of donations have already been collected.   Here is the speech of President Emanuel Macron, on April 16 at 9:30 pm. "Everyone gave what they had, the firemen fought at the risk of their lives with heroism. The police and carers were there, as always. The Parisians comforted each other The French trembled, moved. The strangers cried. Journalists have written, writers have dreamt. The photographers showed the world these terrible images. Both rich and less rich have donated money to the fund. Everyone gave what they could."

 It is now our duty to transform this terrible accident into a moment of national solidarity that unites us for a single purpose; to rebuild this historic monument that is the pride and history of France and Paris. The objective is now clear, to restore the greatness that rightfully belongs to this part of our nation within five years.

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