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This weekend, other volunteers came from Bitola and we met them. They were from Estonia, Turkey, Macedonia and Netherlands. They hosted us last weekend and then we hosted them this weekend in Prilep. We were very crowded with volunteers here and it was nice.


We talked to each other and we mentioned about our projects. After eating out, we went home and prepared tea and Turkish coffee for them. I think they like Prilep because they want to come again here. Because of this, I felt so happy and proud.

In the meanwhile our Macedonian course has just started and has been continuing intensely. I like my Macedionian teacher. We have a lot of homework but she told us that if we do these homeworks we will learn faster. So, there is no problem for me cause I already want to learn Macedonian language as immediate as possible. On the other hand, we prepared workshops for special days. Presentations and activities were prepared. Also, we held a meeting and we were informed about what we are going to do in the office in a week. We made plans about cleaning, language coffee and macedonian lessons. This week I will start  giving Turkish lessons for the first time, so they organized an event. It will be a great experience to teach my native language. That's why I work in the office and at home about how to teach the lesson.

We will probably go to Skopje this weekend. So we took such a decision with the other volunteers. Maybe I'll mention abput my Skopje trip in my next article. When I spend intensive and quality time during the weekdays, the idea of going to different cities of Macedonia at the weekend makes me very happy. For this reason, during the whole week, I will try to focus on my Macedonian homeworks and some preparations for the Turkish course that I will teach. 

The weekend at Prilep was very nice and we were lucky. For the first time I went to bazaar to buy some vegetables and walk around there.  I like spending time in the bazaar so much. Because I have the opportunity to know the culture of local people up-close. And I believe I've discovered people better while observing their way of living the life.

We prepared a frame on Wednesday and set up on a stand in the center for Youth Information Day. Young people took a photo with frame and shared them. We distributed some brochures to them and gave information about the organisation. This week was very productive for me. We will prepare some activities to our next workshop. Young people and children need those kinds of informative things because these years are so important for them to improve their knowledge and gain some experience about life. So, we try to help them by using some methods that can be effective for them. Thus, they can understand the things that now they think as unimportant for them how will be significant in their lifes in the future.

Actually, I can’t wait to share my EVS experiences with you. Because of all these reasons, I am very happy to write these articles. I hope, I will have much more things to write here this week.

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