Last week my parents visited me here in Macedonia, so I took my 2 free days from October and 2 from November and had a little vacation with them here.


 They arrived Saturday night on 27th of October at 3 AM. I waited for them near my apartment, because the accommodation they found here in Prilep was only 5 minutes away from my place. We were really happy to see each other in person after 4 months. I took them to the accommodation, which was a big house near Marko’s Towers. I slept with them there because it was really nice and it had an extra sofa.

 On Sunday morning we went to Aura to eat something. My brother and father had the seafood risotto, my mother  the Aura tortilla and me I had the triple sauce bread, and we all had a smoothie. They really enjoyed it, the atmosphere and the food,  and we felt full for almost the whole day. After this me and my brother met with some of his friends from Prilep that he met in the USA this summer while he was working. In the afternoon we went to visit Kavadarci. I took them  to the memorial tower from where we looked at the whole city, and after we went to a pub and had some desserts.

 The next day I had to go to the office so they explored a little bit the center of Prilep, and went to Makedonska Kukja to eat the best "scara" from Macedonia. They told me it was really good. After this I took them to Markovi kuli to see the city from above. We enjoyed the walk there, took photos and came back in the dark with our fleshlights.

 After they arrived to Macedonia, I got the ideea to take them to Thessaloniki, so on Tuesday we took of in the morning to Greece.We arrived there at around 13:00, and searched for a parking spot near the museums that we wanted to visit. When we arrived we were impressed by how crowded it was, full of cars and people everywhere. After we parked the car we searched for a place to eat. We found a pretty cool one called Cantine.  My parents shared a pizza, I had a pork steak and my brother some sea shells. Later we visited the White Tower, near the sea shore, which was transformed into a really interesting museum. On every level it had stories about different periods in the history of Thessaloniki. After this we walked by the sea, and saw a pirate ship with a pirate at the entrance calling us to go on. It was a good decision because all we had to do was buy a drink on the boat and enjoy a half an hour ride. Our last destination in Thessaloniki was the Archeological museum, where we were amazed by how many things humans have created, starting from golden coins to big human sculptures.

 On Wednesday we visited Ohrid. For me it was the fourth time there, but I enjoy it every time I go for a visit. We walked by the lake, we climbed up to the fortress, and then had a meal in a restaurant, where we tried some original Ohrid trout.  After this we walked a little bit more by the shore and went to Skopje. There my parents stayed at some hotel/apartments, and my brother and I stayed at one of his friend from Prilep. We ate a sandwich and met with other friends of his and talked . The next day we met with our parents and we visited the center of Skopje. We admired the buildings and statues that were all over the place. After this walk we visited the Memorial house of Mother Theresa, were I was moved by the strong words she had for our world.Then we went to the Matka Canyon outside Skopje, where we had a very nice boat trip.

 We visited the old bazar where we had something to eat at a restaurant, and after that on the way my mother saw a barber’s shop on the street and suggested me to cut my hair there. I accepted and it was an excellent ideea because it was the best haircut experience of my life.  I was really happy afterwards and in the night I met with a friend from Prilep who studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts  in Skopje, and she invited me to the opening party for the Festival Skomrahi uvu(a theather festival) , where I met a lot of people from her Faculty and also people from Germany that came to perform for the Festival.


 On Friday morning my parents had to leave back to Romania, and I had to go also back to Prilep to participate to a presentation about EVS at the Economic Faculty, where my colleagues participated too, so I took the bus at 8.30 to Prilep and I arrived just in time for the presentation .


 Written by: Catalin POPSOR

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