In the previous days, the three-day street art festival called ‘With Marko on the Street’ was held in front of the cultural center ‘Marko Cepenkov’ in Prilep.


It took placed 11th of October and 13th of October. This kind of festival was the first and it had many different contents. The goal of this festival was to re-actualize the cultural and folk heritage through contemporary artistic, technical, innovative technologies, both painting and informational. For this purpose, they re-characterized Marco Cepenkov who was the first generation of great Macedonian collector of folk arts and tales and they presented him like an urban hero of our daily life. In this way, the cultural and folk heritage could be analyzed and showed again as current, attractive, understandable and accessible to the new generations. While they were getting to know more about Marco Cepenkov, they would learn more about the cultural and folk heritage by remembering him as their own new urban hero. In order to make him today’s urban hero, they created many different styles for him as Dj Marco, artist Marco, body-painted Marco, drama and cinematic Marco. This idea was quite nice. Because they tried to make people know more about the folk heritage through Marco Cepenkov by creating today’s modern Marco.

In the festival program, there were numerous thematic contents like singer classes, children’s programs, theater, some dance and sport activities (Zumba class and kangoo-jumping), a workshop that will connect art with technology, daily cinema performances, drawing studies, Dj performances, concerts and a studio for body painting. Moreover, during the festival, the artists outside was drawing pictures and coloring the walls of the cultural center.

I was also there for the festival. According to my opinion, the festival was so attractive, useful and inspiring in terms of both its aim and the concept. The activities and the workshops taking place were very enjoyable and colorful.


Written by: Irem


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