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I have always dreamt of being in abroad since my childhood. I love travelling. Seeing new places, meeting new people and learning about new cultures always make me excited. I think the idea of being able to experience brand-new life feels fantastic to me, even if it will take at least a couple of days.


I have realized that joining an EVS project, meeting local people, working with them in order to contribute to a project for the benefit of people and experience a life in another country will make me happy. Other than all of these, I will gain numerous experiences and become a new person. That is why, I have decided to take part in an EVS project.

When I saw this project taking place in Prilep, Macedonia and read the content of the project, I got really excited. Because I thought that this project was the most suitable one for me regarding to my personality and my job. After that, I applied for it and I was chosen for the project as a volunteer.

 I remember the day I arrived to Skopje. Before coming there, I was feeling a bit complicated. Because I was going to a country I hadn’t been before. I was quite curious and nervous about what was waiting for me there. However, when I arrived to Skopje, I was impressed by Macedonian people. They were so helpful and hospitable. In order to come to Prilep, I took a bus and had a trip to Prilep taking almost 2 hours. Now I am in Prilep which is a small city with many natural beauties. It is quite calm and peaceful. The city is surrounded by the mountains. On one of sides those mountains there is an ancient construction from 13th century called Marco’s Tower. Towers are located in the northwest of Prilep, above the village of Varoš.  I think that is why Prilep is also called ‘the city under Marco’s Tower’. The towers are named after King Marco. There is also a statue of King Marco in the city center.  Regarding to the city center, there are many facilities like cinema, restaurants, café that you can enjoy and spend good time. There is an old clock tower in the main square. Besides, even Prilep is a small city, there is an easy accessibility to the places that you can meet your every needs. Another good thing about the city is that there are lots of pretty little parks almost near every houses. You can see people sitting on the benches and having good time with their families and friends.

To conclude, I really like the city so far and I am eager to meet new experiences here!



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