Hello everyone, тhis article will describe our fantastic road trip. Allow us to introduce ourselves, We are three volunteers from Turkey, France, and we are a part of the EVS Erasmus + program. We all live together in Macedonia, Kavadarci.




On Friday, May 18th our train departed from Skopje to Belgrade in Serbia. Along our way, we had the pleasure of meeting new people, like Martin who is from Macedonia but lives in Croatia. As a good Macedonian Martin shared some homemade staff with us. This made the trip exciting and fun! However, the train ride wasn’t very pleasant because the heater was on and it felt like a sauna.


We arrived in Belgrade on May 19th at a8 amt 8am. Upon arrival, we drank coffee with Martin and wished each other farewell.


Belgrade was our first destination because there was the final basketball game between Fenerbahce and Real Madrid. Fenerbachce is charlines and Erdis favorite team. Our first day was accompanied by a shower of rain, but the weather eased and the sun rose as the day went by. In Belgrade, we visited the Saint Sava Orthodox church, where we had the chance to attend a choir concert.


We were unable to visit the museum of Nicolas Tesla because they did not have the program in english. We did manage to walk along the river and spend quality time together. Through couchsurfing, we met Dimitrije, and he was able to host us for the night. We drank coffee with him and his friends.


Overall Belgrade is a beautiful place! the river makes life relaxing and peaceful.



Next destination Novi Sad, May 20th 10:00

Our host dropped us off the highway towards Novi Sad, we waited a few minutes and a very nice gentleman stopped to pick us up. It was interesting to travel with him because he shared with us the history of Serbia and showed the best places in Novi Sad he was very attentive.

Arrival, meeting with our host Olivera she is too kind we had a very enriching conversation about the Balkans in general! We visited in Novi Sad the fortress where we drank a beer Serb waiters we heard that we were listening to Dubioza Kolektiv and we put the sound in the bar at a very nice time. Catholic Church - Mary for the first time Bengu discovered a Catholic Church. For us three it was the first time we entered a Synagogue Novosadska sinagoga. Novi Sad is a very peaceful and colorful city. It's the perfect city for cycling.


Long day, May 21st 9am.

Let's go to Bosnia, it was a very long day we changed 6 times car to get to Sarajevo. So we met a lot of people on the road with different stories. It was a tiring day but full of adventure. Arrival in Sarajevo around 20:00 we immediately ate the traditional Kebabish. Excellent! Sarajevo is a very beautiful city much in the heights and surrounded by trees and mountains, or could not imagine in the capital.

We stayed two nights in Sarajevo, we visited the city and its different places. We decided to visit the Tunnel of Hope museum. We walked for a while, took the tram finally arrived at our point we realized that it was the exit of the tunnel and not the entrance. Desperate and tired we went back to the hostel. It was very nice time with the hosts. We told them of our catastrophic adventure and the next day they pick us to the museum, it is a really surprising place where we can feel a lot of emotions a very nice tribute has been made.


Direction Mostar, May 23 11am

Our hosts dropped us at the most strategic place to hitchhike to Mostar, we decided to stop before Mostar to eat and discover the city of Konjic. It is a small town with a very big charm with a really old bridge. We really enjoyed our time on the road in Bosnia, the river and a beautiful and incredible blue. The mountains are splendid. The landscapes are worthy of a postcard. We find a new conductor very interesting character they explain us the history of Bosnia it is turned into a guide. He stops us at the Jablanica bridge because it is a place that is part of the important history of the former Yugoslavia. Destroyed by Tito's supporters to counter the invasion of the Nazis. We arrive in Mostar, we immediately meet our host Mustapha from Turkey, fall in love with Bosnia during a trip he stopped and put his luggage here. We saw the Mostar Bridge and toured the old town. We ran out of time, we go back there because we could not see the extraordinary places that Mostar has.


We go home ... or almost, May 24 7am

We hitchhiked all along the adventure that went very well we were three yet. To return to Macedonia we had to go through Montenegro, we had planned to take a car from Kotor from the application Blablacar. We had a lot of hope because it was always going well and easily. This time we were unlucky. We had in front of us 5 stop points before being there. Sometimes we waited 1h of times 2h but we were still in time to catch this car. Arriving 20 minutes from the border of Montenegro we waited for more than 2:30 PERSON PERSON did not stop. So we had to go back to the center of the city to take a bus to Podgorica it is 20h. Arrival in Podgorica we learn that the next bus to Skopje is only next day at 20h. So we slept at the bus station and the next day we wandered in the park and by the river where we met a group of kayaks who kindly gave us a ride.


This trip has been one of our best experiences. We had a great time, on the road, with local people, we eat very well. The landscapes and nature are beautiful, breathtaking. Although we ran out of time we were able to discover a lot of city, monuments, history and belief. What we preferred was the exchange with locals they all had something to share with us.

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