Last week (14-16 July), there was a music festival in Dojran where is the southeastern of Macedonia. Dozens of musicians and bands take the stage during the 3-day festival.


When I heard about this festival, I’ve decided to go at the moment. But, actually, there are a great amount of people who want to join it as me. So, I was in a tough challenge with them about finding ticket. After expending considerable effort for ticket, I got my ticket at last and after I prepared my backpack. I started the journey for 3-day festival.

We set off from Kavadarci as a group of around ten people. The moment when we reached Dojran, we were able to get the festival’s traces. When we were getting closer, there were more people than city’s population that it made the effects of festival significant. Festival, at that moment, was beyond the festival area. There were so many people who wants to talk and have fun around us.


The first surprise of the day: Rain

            As I was waiting for the festival area it started to rain. In these conditions, people don’t want to join such an activity when it was raining. But this was the D Fest, and that means everybody can participate, even ‘rain’. It looked like the rain had kindled the fire inside the people for the festival.

            After I settled the area, there came the first musician that I will listen: Kiril Djaikovski! It was the first time I saw him but it will not the last one. Because he was wonderful, about getting people move together and dance. He became one of my favorites.

            Other musicians I liked was Rudimental Dj and Arhangel. They were professional about the festivals. And knew exactly what they should do. But the huge surprise was Ali Farka Toure from Mali. I was listening his music in Turkey and liked it so much. When I saw him, I was amazed and like where did you come out! We met in the small and nice town, Dojran. At last, it was excellent to dance with African Blues rhythms and had a conversation with band on the mystical atmosphere of Church Stage.

            Finally, they were one of the best days in Macedonia. If you feel young and energetic, if you like to dance ceaselessly, and maybe, if you welcome the rain dropping on your body, join D Fest!

            Thank you Dojran! A new country, a nice city, new people and nonstop fun. I’ll continue to discover.

Erdi Deniz

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