It’s after some hours away, that Baptiste and me were arrived in Bulgaria. We stayed in the city of Stara Zagora during our weekend.

From our arrival, we lived some adventures while having difficulties to find an Hotel for the two nights.The reason of our travel was mainly to show our support to Maria, a student from the Gymnasia High School of Prilep in view of  her presentation at Geo Millev Drama Theatre. She was accompanied with two teachers, Miriana and Marinko, being himself the author of the monologue she presented. The story was about a persecuted and insomniac wooman reason to the unceasing « tic-tac » which hum in her head.

This student offered to us a quality play, in french language entirely. Her teachers and us, french volonteers were proud of her, likewise the Festival’s jury who deserved to her a special award. Maria and some others students from differents High Schools and countries, have presented to the audience a lot of theater and musical projects during this weekend. Thanks to the French Festival which took place here, Baptiste and me were spectators of some drama shows that we have fondness for as Le Petit Prince or Notre Dame de Paris.

Between two representations, we found enough time to go for a walk in the nice flowered streets of Stara Zagora. Some rambles into the Bedechka Park, some breaks to eat at pretty restaurants, an ice-cream to cool down from warm temperatures, some pictures in memory of this great short trip and….. we have to comeback yet. 




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