On 8 of April, 2017 at the Economic faculty in Prilep, during a CLIPS workshop representor of INFO SEGA Marice Treneska with the French Volunteers Sebastien Cloutour and Baptiste Arnaud presented to the participants in CLIPS how to apply for a European Voluntary’ Service within Erazmus+ programme.


During the presentation, the volunteers proposed to play a game called the “the broken phone” this game allowed for a good mood in the classroom and then the presentation of the EVS’s started.

They described the process of the voluntary service how to apply, term and conditions of the programme, what is sending and hosting association are at the core of every project, costs of the programme etc.

In that case the two French volunteers explain what is the objective of their EVS’s (promote the French culture and Francophonie).

Afterwards they explained why they went on this voluntary service, shared their personal point of views and reasons for leaving their country for such a long time. They told them the many different topics which are at the center of their voluntary service.


At the end of the presentation some teenagers asked some questions about the experience of them. All of them looked really interested by this program so their where given some flyers about the process but before the end of the workshop they proposed another game “The ball of wool” to end this event in a relaxed atmosphere. 


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