Cultural differences between Macedonia and France

As soon as you decide to leave your country, you need to get use to that.

At the beginning it's not easy but it's all the time interesting. I left France in the middle of January to go to Macedonia. Here is my opinion about some cultural differences.

Skopsko is the winner beer in macedonia

Skopsko is the most popular beer in our country, according Vinepair.

¡hasta siempre, Мacedonia!

“It is always sunny in Macedonia”. That´s what I heard last year. I was living in Melilla, Africa, but suddenly I felt cold. I made the single most important decision in my life. I left my job, which I love as a journalist, in a newspaper, and I began to travel looking for the sun. I found it in the Balkans.

Some food you should try in macedonia

The Macedonian recipes are very diverse. This fact is the consequence of the great number of ingredients that are found in this country.