"And the winner is... The team from Prilep!" - French theater contest 19th March

The adventure started with a call from the french institute of Skopje : in order to celebrate the francophonie week, they organised a theatre contest for the francophone high schooler of Macedonia. The topic was « One character, one job », the sketch has to be comic and dynamic and completely played in French.

Great French evening in Prilep’s theatre in order to celebrate francophonie week: Women and love in honour

Last Monday my friends and I, the little frenchies in Prilep, were invited at a French evening organized by French speakers students from Prilep’s Гимназија Мирче Ацев (High School). They celebrated French culture and language in an amazing performance of poetry and music. We didn’t expect such a great show.

5 french box offices comedies you should watch

After the 5 French dramatic movies I advised you to watch, it’s time to laugh!

French tourist’s experience around Macedonia

In the video above the French tourists say that Macedonia is rich in culture and heritage. It also exits a nice diversity of wine and food. One of the women said that she wasn’t expecting such a mountainous country and snow-covered hills. She loves hidden Monasteries and intense blue lakes, the little churches, the very welcoming population. They all were surprised by the quality of the wine, mainly the Rosé and the white one.