Cultural differences between Macedonia and France

As soon as you decide to leave your country, you need to get use to that.

At the beginning it's not easy but it's all the time interesting. I left France in the middle of January to go to Macedonia. Here is my opinion about some cultural differences.

Beaches of the French west coast

In France we have 27 regions. Brittany situated in the West Coast of the country, is one of them. The region is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Channel. That’s why there are many beaches. Surf, sailing… are major sporting activities.


Food specialties of brittany, France


France is famous not only for the Fashion but also for the food. When foreigners visit our country, they want to taste our food (and wine, obviously).  It’s a big country with different regions which have their own specialties. In Brittany you will find typical vegetables, fruits, biscuits, cheese, beverages, meat, fish, shells, desserts… I will mainly speak about Crêpes, cakes and biscuits.

The secret of cognac

After a long period in France in my beautiful region called « les Charentes » I would like to present to Macedonian people the treasure of my home city, and one of the most famous is without doubts: Cognac.

Many countries produced a kind of brandy they called Cognac and we can find it also in Macedonia but why the French Cognac is so famous and its taste is so appreciated all over the word?

To understand the secret of the French Cognac, we have to know the origins of this beverage and its production process.