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The adventure started with a call from the french institute of Skopje : in order to celebrate the francophonie week, they organised a theatre contest for the francophone high schooler of Macedonia. The topic was « One character, one job », the sketch has to be comic and dynamic and completely played in French.



The scenario speaks about a taxi driver who lives an adventurous day. He first met a crazy couple with a jealous wife yelling at her husband, then a funny gost who doesn't manage to scare people, and finally he has to deal a nasty ganster who tries to escape from the police.

Five motivated students from gymnasia decided to enter in the competition. It is not easy to play in an other language but after a few weeks of preparation, with the help of I and the other french volonteer Yoan, they were ready for the show !

Saturday 19th march we left Prilep in the direction of Skopje. The contest took place in Kej Dimitar Vlahov. At 14h30, all the participating students were ready to play, four other teams were presents and we could feel some stage fright in the air. At 15h it was the turn of our team, which played very well ! 

Then the jury took some time to deliberate, leaving everyone in suspense. « And the winner is...tadamtadammm... the team from Prilep !!! » It was a very cool and happy moment, and our team completely deserve to win because they are very talented.

Next step : our band will participate in the International and National Festival of Francophone theater in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria which is exciting !



More informations :

Link in french

Link in Macedonian



Albane de Lisle


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