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Bérénice, Tomas and Rosario are three EVS-volunteers, from France, Portugal and Spain, respectively. At present, they live in Prilep, involving in the program services of Youth Information and Counseling Center-INFO SEGA and Coalition SEGA.

Bérénice arrived on 16 January. Her trip was an adventure, because when she was in Belgrade, her flight from Paris arrived too late and she missed her second flight to Skopje. Then, she had to sleep in a hostel, but she had 24 hours to visit Belgrade. She is from Britanny, on the west-coast of France. When Bérénice arrived, she thought that it was really cold. “I didn´t expect that it wasn´t snowing so much”. After, she took the bus to go to Prilep and she met a guy who travels a lot and two macedonian girls on the bus. “They were very nice to me, because they help me when I arrived in Skopje. Eveything was really hard to understand because it was cirilic alphabet, and I know nothing about it”, says Bérenice. In Prilep, when she arrived, she liked to see mountains and beautiful landscapes. For her, “everything seems cheap here compared to France”.

To be helpful

Before her arrival, Bérénice didn´t know so much about Macedonia. Now, she wants to know more about the country, Macedonian culture, lenguage and people. About the EVS, she want to help others: “I can teach French, I can share my experiences like for example being an au pair in United Kingdom. I think this experience can help me to grow up. And I will see with the time what will happen and looking forward to know more about  this experience”, tells the french girl.

Tomas is from Algueirão, a suburban neighborhood near Lisbon. He arrived to Macedonia on 20th of January. “It was already late and it was quite foggy, leading me to see a much more dark and dreary Skopje than it actually is”, Tomas says. He arrived to Prilep the next day and he got off the bus in the old bus station instead of the new one. He thought that it was a very run own station for a city of about 77,000. Tomas is about to finish the diploma in his Master’s, thus he had an opportunity to take some time and do something that might help others, like an EVS.

Tomas hope to expect as much as he can, but he is fearful that due to his lack of knowledge of Macedonian the limit ability to communicate with people will prevent from making any significant difference.

Rosario arrived in December to Macedonia. Her flight was delayed and she had to sleep in a hostel in Skopje, because she missed the last bus to Prilep. She is from Sevilla, of southern Spain. She tells that the trip started like an adventure. Before travelling, she read information about the people here. “I heard that the people here are very friendly. I can say now that it's true, they recieved me very well”, says. On the other hand, the first days are strange because everything is new, in a foreign country, you have to learn everything, everyday. Maybe, for that, it's really rewarding for her.

Macedonians know more about Spain than she thought. In general, people love Spain, most of them didn´t travel to Spain but they imagine a nice country. It is very interesting that a lot of people can understand some words in spanish, for the novels from South America. In addition, some people want to learn spanish.

 Enriching experience

Rosario thinks that an EVS is an opportunity for everyone because it is an enriching experience : “You can work in another country, you can be useful. Most of the time, you recieve more than you give. You learn life skills”, she says.

Rosario didn´t know anything about Macedonia before this proyect, for that, she followed her intuition and she is here now. The weather is hard for her, but “I will survive”, she jokes. The spanish girl has met others volunteers during her time here, most of them are from America. Meeting them is one of the best thing she lived, for the moment. The adventure is still starting.




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