As you might or might not be aware of, I conduct a series of radio shows on Pulse Radio. Today, I’d like to introduce all of you to these shows in case you didn’t know about any or all of them. If you’ve already heard all of them and reached the conclusion that you’d rather not hear them feel free to ignore this article.

Foreigner Triple Vision

Foreigner Triple Vision is all about introducing people to new music and genres. Every week I, along with regular guests Rosario, Bérénice and Ameline, play a couple of songs from a pre-selected genre. Afterwards, we comment on what we think of them and sometimes discuss the genre they are a part of. Afterwards an entire album, related to the genre, is played to finish of the show.

If you like to try new music and to listen to new genres, tune into Pulse Radio every Monday at 16h.

Talking Big Pictures

Co-hosted with Michael, and with regular guest Clement, Talking Big Pictures is a movie discussion show. Every week we watch a movie together and then go on the show to comment on what we thought about it. This isn’t just to provide the listener with a review of the movie, but to also provide some deeper information on the cinematography, the casting and the history of the production.

Tune in every Wednesday at 16h if you’d like to hear some discussion about important pieces of cinema, both current and classic.

Thursday Afternoon Hangover

Co-hosted with Nick and Susan, Thursday Afternoon Hangover is a great way for you to be current on the music industry while listening to music. The show starts with a review and discussion of the week’s music industry news, with each article accompanied by one or more relevant songs. Afterwards, we move on to presenting one song each. These songs are supposed to be our “jam” for the week. They are the songs that have been on our mind that week, and we each present them to the other co-hosts in order to hear their thoughts on our choice.

If you’d like to hear solid discussion combined with funny banter, tune in every Thursday at 17h.

Inter Rusticos

My newest edition to Pulse Radio, co-hosted with João, a.k.a. Johny, and Guilherme, Inter Rusticos is a news discussion show. Only on Inter Rusticos is a review of the week’s news be as likely to end in a discussion of the problematic of international trade with authoritarian countries as with insults and jokes about each other’s professional career choices.

Tune in every Friday at 16h for a mix of deep discussion and idiotic jokes.

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