Ohrid is known for many things, situated on the shores of Lake Ohrid, the town of Ohrid is one of the oldest human settlements in Europe and there is one of the largest and deepest lakes in Europe. Ohrid is also notable for once having had 365 churches, one for each day of the year, and has been referred to as a "Jerusalem (of the Balkans). In 1979 and in 1980, Ohrid and Lake Ohrid were accepted as Cultural and Natural World Heritage Sites by Unesco.



The thing which interested us today is the Ohrid pearl jewel. The pearls are made from organic materials found exclusively in Lake Ohrid. The Talevi and Filevi are the two Ohrid families who make genuine Ohrid pearl necklaces, earrings and broaches; they carried over this handcraft down from one generation to another. Ohrid pearl is created from seashells and coated with 5-7 thin layers of emulsion made from the scales of the Ohrid fish called Plashitsa, and is protected with a Designation of Origin. It is very valuable (esteemed) because of natural origin and hand made. Its production is art and unique. The natural pearls are durable 150 years, but Ohrid pearl is durable forever.





Bérénice Kermoal

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