Some people think that journalists ask many questions. Also, in Spain, we think the same about doctors: “Preguntas más que un medico” is a common expression in my country. Today, in Spanish lessons students learnt how they can make questions. In order to achieve that, we used Spanish newspaper.


¿Qué? What?

¿Cuándo? When?

¿Quién? Who?

¿Por qué? Why?

¿Dónde? Where?

¿Cómo? How?

You can see that we use two question marks, one to open the interrogation (¿) and the other one at the end of the question (?) It is a interesting thing for the student. Also, we use two exclamation marks. ¡Es maravilloso! It is wonderful! 

Students found interesting articles, which they could see the way to answer the main six questions. Also, they made questions each other about things are happening in that very moment. For example. it was raining a little bit. When it happens in Spain, we say: “Está chispeando”. It´s like “It is begin to rain”. “Chispa” is spark in Spanish and also when someone “tiene chispa” it´s mean that he or she is an enthusiastic, funny and positive person.

And you? ¿tienes chispa? Maybe, you need to learn Spanish. It is easier than you think. Start to make questions, but, be careful because curiosity killed the cat. “La curiosidad mató al gato” ;-)



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