Have you ever heard the word “churros”? Churros are popular in Spain. It is a typical product and it is made with flour, salt, water, olive oil, baking powder, sugar and sunflower oil for frying. You can try to cook it, but it is not easy. To make churros you need a “churro pump”. For that reason, going to Spain is the best way to eat “churros”. Where? Chocolatería San Ginés is one of the most popular places. It is open day and night. It is located in Madrid, the capital of Spain, since 1894.


When someone asks me what exactly is “churro”…I don´t know exactly what I can say, because it is not a dessert, it is not a dish and it is not exactly sweet and it is not exactly salty. It is just that: “churro”.  

“Churros” is eaten for breakfast or in the afternoon, but it is not a food that you eat every day. In Seville, for example, where you can also eat “churros”, the best day to do it is Sunday in the morning. In the capital of Andalusia, some people use the word “calentitos”.

Students from Prilep who were in Spain the last two weeks eat “churros”. “Churros” is the noun in plural. “Churro” is the singular, but be careful, don´t change the last “o” for “a”. It is not the variation of the word in feminine and the meaning is different. Don´t confuse the two things ;-)





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