Every time you go to Marko´s Towers, you find a friend. It was winter when I decided to know what there is on top of Prilep. It was snowing during the previous days. Everything was covered by snow and the landscape was so beautiful, but also it was dangerous to walk on the icy path. Luckily, a man helped me to climb the mountain.


On the top of the mountain I met four Macedonian people, from Prilep. Not only they helped me to down, they also invited me to their home. They offered me food, drink and everything I wanted. That is the same that yesterday happened. By the time Macedonian people notice you are foreigner, they open the doors of their houses.

My friends and I were four people at the beginning of the day. At the end of the Sunday, we were more than that. We met a man, Zvonko, at Elephant monument. He was with her daughter, Angela. He asked where we are from. “From Spain and from France”, we answered. Zvonko, Angela and their dog accompanied us all the way to Marko´s Towers. After the walk, we were invited to their place. The little girl bought snack for us and the father made coffee. We met also all the family.  

After a long winter, Prilep is starting to wake up, and I am starting to say goodbye. In December, when I arrived here, all the Macedonian flags were on the main street, like today, because of national holiday. It was raining. Today, it is sunny and summer is coming, and also all the good things. Anyway, and fortunately, there is something that happens every day of the year in Macedonia, in winter and in summer: its people are welcoming and always willing to make you feel at home. Thanks!



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