In France we have 27 regions. Brittany situated in the West Coast of the country, is one of them. The region is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Channel. That’s why there are many beaches. Surf, sailing… are major sporting activities.


 Above Brittany, is located the United Kingdom. As you can see on the first picture, there are 4 departments in Brittany: Le Finistère (The well-known city there is Brest), Les côtes d’Armor, le Morbihan and l’île et Vilaine.

Saint Malo, île et Vilaine. It’s a really touristic city, especially for the British.



Brest, Finistère. After the 2nd world war, the city was more than 90% destroyed. Even if the city is not that beautiful, you have many places and beaches which are awesome.



Ile Vierge in Crozon, FinistèreThis beach is really beautiful, it looks like the Calanques in Marseille with a different vegetation. We can’t access it with car, you need to walk in the cliffs.




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