France is famous not only for the Fashion but also for the food. When foreigners visit our country, they want to taste our food (and wine, obviously).  It’s a big country with different regions which have their own specialties. In Brittany you will find typical vegetables, fruits, biscuits, cheese, beverages, meat, fish, shells, desserts… I will mainly speak about Crêpes, cakes and biscuits.

As fruit and vegetables you have Plougastel Strawberries (Number 1 on the picture below), Paimpol beans(2), artichokes(3), cauliflower(4), Roscoff onions(5)…



The main and well-known specialties of our region:  “Crêpes”. Two main types of crêpes exist.  The first one is with wheat flour (Number 1). You can covered it by Nutella, Caramel, sugar, butter… The 2nd type is with farine de blé noir which has a characteristic of more fragrant aroma and a strong flavor. You put ham, eggs and cheese to do a “Complete”(2). It’s the most common crêpe. You have with this type of flour another called “Galette saucisse”(3). It’s looks like a hot dog.


Biscuits, sweets and cakes.


Le Kouign Amann is a really traditional cake(1). It is a round crusty cake, made with bread dough containing layers of butter and sugar folded in. “Le quatre-quart” refers to a type of cake traditionally made with the same quantity of each of four ingredients: flour, butter, eggs, and sugar (2). “Le Far Breton” is a traditional cake. Its base is similar in composition to a clafoutis batter: a flan-style eggs-and-milk custard with flour added. Prunes or raisins are common additions (3).


“Le palet Breton”(1) is a dry biscuit made with short pastry. Biscuiterie Saint-Michel is a French food company founded in1905. They produce many differents biscuits notably les “Galettes St Michel”(2). “La crêpe dentelle” is another specialty (3). This recipe was found by mistake. Actually Catherine Cornic, a Breton woman was cooking a normal crêpe but left it a little bit too long on the fire. Then she fold it, rolled it and tried it. Finally it was light and really good. Then the “Crêpe Dentelle” was born. The salted butter Caramel (4) is typical Breton and became popular for tourists when Henri Le Roux invented a Caramel sweet. He commercialized it in Paris and was appreciated by many people.

You have many others specialties like Kig Ha Farz (made with buckwheat flour), les niniches de Quiberon (lollipops), le pâté Hénaff, le Chouchen ( an alcoholic beverage with apple juice), different beers … So if in your life you are going to Britanny try this specialties. You won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!

Bérénice Kermoal


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