Before I came to Kavadarci, my motivation for the project was very high. Of course, I came across some difficulties before coming here. I began to realize differences and similarities between Turkey and  Macedonia, especially in Kavadarci because the entire time I've been here until now.

There are certainly similarities in social and cultural issues. Examples of similarities there are a lot of common words in both Macedonian and Turkish Language. To give information about city. Kavadarci is like typical Yugoslavian city. Most of the houses here are from Yugoslavian period. Then to give me impression about city I've got some troubles that until now I've been facing them. I thought these was struggle for me. If I want to work as a volunteer here. I had to bear these troubles. I've been here more than two weeks and I can tell you this. Kavadarci is like a prison surrounded by mountains. It's a park just up the hill and It's beautiful and flowing dirty river. I hope my first impressions about Kavadarci will change soon enough. I think If I explore the city more I can find some good things for me. But I would like to point out that the people of this place are friendly and fun. If you love a entertainment venues. Especially young people are full of joy and happiness. I came here to work as a volunteer with young people and children in different culture. Especially I want to be a volunteer in the Balkan Peninsula. So I decided to come in Macedonia. I can also tell my experiences during the time I've been here. We had a few workshops with Aneta and It was a lot of fun and good experience. I would like to arrange my workshops soon enough I will start implementing them for youngsters and kids. I also arranged a Turkish course for two students during this time. Their names are Assan and Renata. I'm really cool with them. They also really have ambition to learn Turkish Language. Because of that I'm really happy. I think that I will teach them Turkish Language well. I hope that I will see much more experiences and fun here during my stay. I believe that I will have a happy and beautiful process of volunteering.


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