There is something that you can not imagine before you go for visit.

This place call Mesopotamia – center of culture- Many years ago people built a temple in there. Civilization of world came from this place (Gobekli tepe). That’s why it’s include unique atmosphere. There are a lot of nations (Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish, Assyrian, Armenian and more), religion (Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Yezidies and more) live together. It’s gate of culture that you can see many diversity of heritage.

Many people do not know about history behind culture that had been made up for a hundred a thousand years. It’s just miracle to see many things in such a spectacular way. I’m from Mesopotamia even I cannot imagine how people built those cities we where live on it . It has been become bridge of cultural diversity.

If  you want to travel to Turkey. I think the fist place to see Southeastern of Turkey (ancient called Mesopotamia). Whatever you are you see yourself inside magnificent history . you feel physically and psychologically very well. That’s why I extremely suggest to come visit my region.

There are many historical cities inside southeastern of Turkey. One of them indeed the greatest my hometown Mardin. We have been calling our city heart of culture. You can see historical temples such as church, mosques, synagogs  they are all together. Especially with magnificent landscape and agriculture. Anything that you want you will see in front of your steps. Also there are other historical cities in our region. One of these Diyarbakir, Hasankeyf, Sanliurfa, Adiyaman, Sirnak, Gaziantep. Those cities you can smell just culture and heritage above your feet.

If I were you I even think one time to go Southeastern of Turkey. If you want to see heart of culture you haven’t any better place to go except Mesopotamia!

Welcome to Southeastern of Turkey , especially in Mardin my hometown.

Don’t be late next flight waiting for you!

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