Merhaba! I’m Gamze, 23 years old volunteer at Youth Information Center “INFO SEGA” in Kavadarci for six months.

I graduated in International Trade in Turkey. I want to be a teacher and It will be amazing experience working with youngsters here in the youth center.

I've been wanting to do EVS for a long time. I searched a lot of projects. But I was so excited to see Macedonia. Because I really wanted to learn Macedonian. Like everyone else, I was thinking "I am applying but I will not be selected". When I got a positive answer I was very surprised.

After being selected, I felt more than one feeling together. Excitement, fear, anxiety, etc. In the process, Evs coordinator Georgina was helping me and she answered every question without getting tired.

And I’m in Kavadarci now. The first minute I came to Kavadarci, I realized that all my fears, all my worries were in vain.

Of course, before I came here I searched on google about Kavadarci. But the internet said there was only a small town famous for its wine. I never thought people were so hospitable and friendly. When I first arrived, I thought I'd never find the comfort of where I lived. But I did not think I would love it so much. It's so quiet, it's so peaceful, it's so accessible. I knew I'd love here from the very first moment I came.

If you like nature walks like me, there's a place for us right here, the big park. From here you go to Kosturnica and Kosturnica is a really nice place. The whole city is under your feet.

Also If you go to a café, a restaurant or something, you will definitely not be forced. Because most places shave English menus.                                                    

Of course, the most difficult thing for a foreigner is obviously the language. But I didn't have much difficulty communicating with the people here. Because from the very first day I came here, whether my volunteer friends or my mentors Elena and Aneta were very helpful. And the people who lived here helped me a lot.

In conclusion, I really hope to have a great time here in Kavadarci and learn more and more about the Macedonian culture and Macedonian.


You should leave all your fears like us. We are waiting for you.

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