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The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people.


The intercultural evening was for us a wonderful chance to meet, listen, taste and feel diversity. There is no better way to be close to other countries without visiting them than an intercultural night.

Since the volunteers’ flats are more used for parties, we held the event in the flat of Paul and Velin. We were a total number of twelve people, volunteers, members of Youth Council Prilep, Youth Information and Counseling Center - Info SEGA and Coalition SEGA. Everybody had their own contribution to the evening by preparing or buying something traditional to their culture. We had Bulgarian Shopska, French champagne, Creme Brule and French toast, Moldovan „colțunași”, „Bucuria” (hapiness) chocolates and Cricova wine! Of course, the Macedonian Ajvar, Lutenica and mekici were not missing. However, it was not everything perfectly cooked, everything was great and cultural representative. And what kind of cultural interaction can be without wine, champagne, rakija and “Zlaten Dab”?

We listened to traditional Moldovan “doina”, French, Bulgarian and Macedonian songs and also watched some video presentations about our countries. And because we are young and we love to have fun, we decided to play a word game. We split in teams of two, the game implied concentration, memory, pantomime and a looooooot of entertainment. Now, everybody knows what is a Rusian „gopnik” and how it is translated in all the languages: „cocălar” in Romanian, „seljak” in Macedonian, „gazar” in Bulgarian and „Wesh” in French. Now we have the training to recognize them in each country. :D

If it wasn’t Monday, we might have stayed later than 1 o’clock. Overall, the evening was amazing (you can see in the attached photos) and it wouldn’t be bad to have few intercultural evenings soon.

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