This past Wednesday, March 18 2015, a group of three volunteers headed to SOU, Orde Copela, to give a short workshop, in English, on Curriculum Vitae, Motivation Letter/Cover Letter, and job interview.

With the current unemployment situation in Macedonia and the importance of obtaining skills that will enable to get you a job, it is important for all to be aware of the themes covered in the workshop. Even if you are still in High school, it can be very valuable to know how to properly write a CV and how to conduct oneself in a job interview. This is not just essential if the students are looking for a summer job, but also for them to be more aware of what they need to do in the future and how others perceive them.

For this purpose we prepared a short, 90m, workshop dealing with these themes. We sought to teach the students best practices when preparing their CV and Motivation Letter and proper behaviour in a job interview.

A total of 12 students came in for a presentation and they all got something out of it.


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