Humans have five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Today, at Spanish lesson, students learnt “los cinco sentidos” y el sexto: la intuición: the sense of intuition.

Sight: la vista

Hearing: el oído

Touch: el tacto

Taste: el gusto

Smell: el olfato

They wrote some sentences about they like to see, to hear, to touch, to taste and to smell. Also, they learnt Spanish vocabulary and typical Spanish dishes: gazpacho, tortilla de patatas, churros, salmorejo, espinacas con garbanzos y jamón. Did you taste these delicatessens?  You should do it! What flavor do you prefer? You can choose between “salado”, “dulce” or “picante”.

Also, students learnt what is “apestar”, a very bad smelling. A common Spanish expression is: “Esto apesta”. The meaning is that something is wrong, but we don´t know exactly what.

“Escuchar” is to hear, and also, you can use the word “oír”. You can listen “murmullos” or “susurros”, murmur or whisper.

For saying “I am watching a movie”, you say: “Yo estoy viendo una película”, but not: “Yo estoy mirando una película”. 


And what about to touch? ¿Qué quiéres tocar? Some people dream about to touch the sky. We are on earth…I think so. Learning Spanish!





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