The fantasy drama has already filmed in a range of locations from Croatia and Morocco to Northern Ireland and Iceland but now the action is going to be shifting to Macedonia.

There are plans to film in city of Prilep, the city of Ohrid by Lake Ohrid and the central-eastern region of Krivolak which houses the country's largest military base and has been used for NATO training exercises.

Ohrid has been described as large and has lots of old villages situated in a mountainous forested location. While Pilep and Ohrid are most picturesque areas, Kirvolak is more barren and mountainous. 

 It is believed that the producers have already paid a visit to these areas, according to the Macedonian site


Another Game of Thrones location is thought to be the Markovi Kuli Towers, the ruins of a fortress belonging to the Macedonian medieval ruler known as Marko Mrnjavcevic. The towers were used in the backdrop for some of the scenes in the finale to season five. 

The surrounding scenery is rocky and barren while the weather remains hot for most of the year. The climate and environment like the one in Ohrid and Prilep are perfect for the plot, according to one insider.

Judging from images of the area, they appear to be standing in for the fictional Meereen where Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) has now been left to rule in the wake of Daenerys' (Emilia Clarke) flight.

The area could be used to film scene featuring Daario Naharis (Michael Huisman) and Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen) as they try to find their absconded queen in the deserts outside Meereen.

It could also serve as the arid location that Dany herself has ended up in or travels through with her dragon Drogon and a new Dothraki horde. 

It is thought that filming on this stage of the production is due to start in March or April next year with the hot summer and rocky climate being the main draw for the programme makers.

However, it would seem more likely for filming to be taking place in March as late April is usually when the show is broadcast to viewers.

Game of Thrones season six is proving to be more elusive than its predecessors as there is no source text in the public domain that gives an indication of what viewers can expect.



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