Zdravo! My name is Charline and I am a french volunteer at Info Sega in Kavadarci. I am 17 years old and for me this experience is a really big challenge because my level of English is really weak.



For 40 days I volunteered at the Alliance Française de Tetovo. It was way too short. When I returned to France I immediately wanted to come back. I wanted to discover Macedonia for a long time, so I can learn the language, the different landscapes but especially the macedonian history. I think it was my fate to land here.


What made me want to continue my EVS here in Macedonia is the hospitality of people, their kindness, the history of the Balkans in general which is really interesting and, of course,  Ajvar. In France I am used to living in total comfort here I really find myself with myself. I have to manage to make me understand and step out of my french comfort zone. It's very interesting for me and maybe it's weird but I love it.


So now here I am in Kavadarci for a period of 8 months. It's been 5 days since I joined the team and I already love the city and its different places. This is a beautiful city, people are welcoming and there is a very nice park, I think it will be my favorite place here. Erdi the volunteer with whom I share the apartment, is very nice and helps me integrate and discover everything there to discover here.


For the moment I’m only happy except that in the first night I lost my wallet and my identity card, my head is in the air :) ... but it's nothing compared to the fact that I'm really happy to live here.


I can not wait to get to know everything there is to know and to meet new people!

Charline Domenichelli

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