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Abdullah’s first impression of Kavadarci, Macedonia

Before I came to Kavadarci, my motivation for the project was very high. Of course, I came across some difficulties before coming here. I began to realize differences and similarities between Turkey and  Macedonia, especially in Kavadarci because the entire time I've been here until now.

Abdullah speaking about the most interesting sport in the world : Archery


Let`s tell you about general information about archery;

Archery is the practice or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows. The word comes from the Latin arcus meaning ‘bow’ or ‘arch’.

Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat and was invented in the late Palaeolithic or early Mesolithic periods. The oldest signs of archery’s use in Europe date from around 10,000BC, while in Asia and the Middle East evidence suggests archery originated even earlier. Some of these evidence in my opinion come from Ancient times of Mesopotamia. As my ancestors have been living these territory a hundred and a thousand  years. It passed away generation to generation. Also  we are Kurdish people called the  tîr û kevan(bow and arrow) .In modern times, it is mainly a competitive sport and recreational activity.

A person who participates in archery is typically called an archer. Someone who is fond of or an expert at archery is called a toxophilite – ‘lover of the bow’, from Ancient Greek τόξον (tokson ‘bow’) and φίλος (philos ‘friend’).

As a sport, archery requires skills of precision, control, focus, repetition and determination. It is available to be practised by all, no matter age, gender or ability, and is a widespread pastime in both developed and developing countries.

Го организиравме уште едно Language Café, овој пат вo "Take Five" вo Прилеп

Language cafe е младински ориентиран, интеркултурен настан, во организација на Младинскиот Информативен и Советодавен Центар ИНФО СЕГА, Младински Совет Прилеп и нашите ЕВС волонтери  од Франција, Бугарија, Турција и Романија.


THE clafoutis comes from the Limousin region, we do not really know its origin, but we find recipes dating back to 980 AD. 

Constantin Brâncuși

 Constantin Brâncuși (born 19 February 1876- died 16 March 1957) was a Romanian sculptor with major contributions to the renewal of the language and plastic vision in contemporary sculpture.

How has my EVS been going so far - The EVS experiences of a Bulgarian volunteer

Well, where to start I wonder. This will be a long one I guess. First off, my name is Velin and I’m 31 years old, from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. I decided to become an EVS volunteer in the beginning of this year (2018).

Le croque monsieur

It is the year 1901 in Paris. A certain Michel Lunarca just opened a new bistro (bar, restaurant).