How to learn a language (16)

Turkish language course with Abdullah in Info Sega Kavadarci

I decided to arrange a Turkish course with the help of my Mentor Aneta's r after I came to work as a volunteer in Info Sega.

Some ideas on learning by playing video games

In the modern world, there are more and more new ways to innovate in the otherwise quite traditional aspects of life.

The French language - part two: The return

Здраво на сите!

Last time, I told you how French could be an awful language to learn. But today I will show you why French is a very cool language.

Why French can be dreadfully difficult?

Здраво, everybody!

Often, my non-francophone friends ask me some translations or some French tips.

Learn a language with EF

Здраво everyone!

Have you already thought about learning a foreign language? If yes, maybe you already thought about doing a language course. Then you have to know about Education First.

Things to know about Macedonian language from a French volunteer point of view - Part 2: The Alphabet

Macedonian language has its own alphabet which is a Cyrillic alphabet. The alphabet is pretty simple, it is a phonetic alphabet (thanks, captain obvious), including 31 letters, and it looks like this: